Tyre Red-Walling

Give your car the edge with “TYRE REDWALLING”

Radiators Plus are proud to announce that we have been gaining more experience in the “tyre redwalling service”. It is very rewarding seeing the before and after shots on someone’s pride and joy.

A Line around the tyre wall is created and then a special flexible paint which is colour matched to your liking. Red or white are most common with variations of orange and blues.

Tyres must be on vehicle for process to take place. Tyres sizes from 12″ up to 20’s.

All tyres vary as far as writing on side walls is concerned and extremely low profile big diameter tyres can be an issue where just simply driving into a driveway may scuff the side wall and remove the painted area. Viewing tyres to discuss where the line should be is advised.

Tyres must be completely clean and free of any tyre shines as paint simply won’t stick. It is recommended that tyres be degreased and hot washed prior to painting service. It is recommended that brand new tyres be driven for around 1500kms to leach out any silicones in tyres.

Prices range from $175.00. Call and book your car into Radiators Plus.