Industrial Radiator Cores

Radiators Plus service and re-core a lot of earthmoving, truck and agricultural radiators. We have manufactured heavy duty jigs to handle the biggest of radiators, easily spinning them around to flush and rod out cores and to remove and replace tanks etc.

Radiators Plus quite often re-manufacture complete large industrial radiators, often making exact copies from aluminium to a more durable brass/copper conversion. Quite often we see aluminium excavator radiators cracking between the tube and header plates through vibration and age. They can only ever be temporarily repaired so the complete brass/copper conversion is better choice. They are more serviceable in the long run and improvements in tube and fin design make for a better alternative. They are also competitively priced compared to a new original alloy unit. Ring Radiators Plus for a quote.

These are some photos from some industrial radiators and oil coolers.

They range from a CAT excavator with a broken tank, a Industrial alloy oil cooler which we made an exact copy for but in alloy tube formation, a CAT foldered core in for new gaskets and core sections. Also a very large steel oil cooler which we had to have replicated.