Fuel Tanks and Surge Tanks


The first few photos are of a fuel and surge tank to suit a RX7 Series 6. The tank is fully baffled with a big 220mm opening and a plate that bolts down. The tank is foam filled. The bottom section of the tank has been set up so once fuel gets in it can’t get out. The scavenging pump is plumbed into the bottom of this. Room was a problem and we wanted a tank that would hold in excess of 70 ltrs so I made the surge tank bolt into the middle section of the fuel tank. There is a high volume pump bolted to that. The surge tank can easily be unbolted from the fuel tank whilst in the vehicle. The fuel filler is the long stem coming out of the top but that has since been changed to a side filler to go to the original fuel filler.


The second tank is one I built for an EH Holden ute with a 186 and triple fuel injection setup. The customer requested a square box but they are never that simple!  We put a bit of shape into it and made it so it bolts to the bottom of his false floor. My customer didn’t want a noisy electric pump on the outside of the fuel tank feeding into a surge tank so we bought a scavenging fuel injection pump to go inside the tank. The pump sits within a 5” round surge tank which is open at the top. Every thing bolts in through the big hole in the top. The fuel is sucked out through the bottom of the pump up through into a dash-6 fitting that sits just inside the top of the fuel tank. There is a dash-6 fitting welded directly after that and there it goes to the fuel injection rail. Excess fuel is then returned to the front of the tank and again through a dash-6 fitting and then piped to the middle section of the surge tank so it should never run out of fuel. There is the fuel filler on the rear passenger side and a dash-10 breather on the front driver side. There is a dash-10 drain tap. The tank is of course fully baffled.

Another example of what can be achieved with a 5” modified surge tank to suit twin pumps and a scavenger pump. Made to customer specs to fit in boot area of vehicle. Second pic is of a 125mmx300mm deep surge tank