F-250 Oil Coolers

These are photo’s from a recent transmission oil cooler upgrade that I performed on a 2003 F240 7.4ltr turbo diesel.

My customer was having overheating problems with his transmission and as people who own F250s and are towing heavy loads once the temp hits 250f or 145 degrees C the system goes into limp mode.

The test was a 10km hilly stretch of road towing a 3.5 tonne caravan. My customer had to stop 3/4 of the way up as temp actually got to 245f which is when he had to stop and take a break until temp came down to a safe level.

First I made a much bigger air/air oil cooler using an adrad core. Core sizes were 600x300x37 which made a huge difference to his overall temp. On normal hwy driving it sat on 150 degrees f. and he made it up and over that 10km stretch of road. My customer was still not a 100% happy. He wanted to see temps around 220f so rather than put an air/air cooler in the same size as the condensor we opted to go for a water/air oil cooler.

Water cools up to 30 times more efficiently than air so pretty sure we could easily drop another 10-20 degrees f out of the trans.

Originally we had two Spal pusher fans on the condensor but they made not a scrap of difference as the oil cooler sat behind the condensor in a space that was already there in front of the intercooler. 2nd time around I built the oil/air oil cooler and made up the mounting brackets for the water cooler to go below the oil cooler. (as per pics). I then mounted the two pusher fans to both units which meant pushing the condensor about 30mm forward which was a big job. If I do it again would not worry about fans but in this case it is a test to see how cold we can keep that oil.

The fans and pump to circulate the coolant around the oil cooler only comes on when the oil in the air/air reaches 80 degrees C which means that when the oil gets to the water to oil cooler would be around 60 degrees C. After it goes through the water oil cooler temp should be somewhere around 40-50 degrees C. We have a temp gauge at the coldest spot just before it goes back into the trans.

Incidentally Trans has a heavy duty clutches and stall converter which is the main reason they fail.

Photos show condenser the first time around with the two fans bolted to it. Custom mounting brackets for fans riveted to condenser.

Pics of Water to air oil cooler that I custom fabricated here. It is a specially built oil cooler by Adrad in which oil passes the the oilcooler tubes and water passes the other way over the fins and tube. Tested to 40psi and welded in such a way that water can NOT get into the oil side.

Pics of steel mounting bracket for the water to oil cooler (Fully rubber mounted for vibration). The best and easiest place to mount this was the crossmember to protect the transfer case behind the gearbox crossember.

You will also note the small 12v booster pump which is suffice

Pics Air/air oil cooler on top of water cooler for the water to oil cooler.

Radiators Plus make this a farely straightforward fit. In most instances a large oil cooler would be suffice.

Please ring or email for details and pricing.