Customer Cars


The RX7 Series 6 is a good mate of mine Andrew Reader which runs a 20B naturally aspirated.

I built him a custom radiator using a PWR core, oil cooler and complete cold air intake. Radiaitor is fitted with a 16” thermo fan and overflow bottle. Oil catch can etc.

The Intake was built to drag air from beside the radiator then through a flat filter and into the cold air box. We built it as big as we could.

Bloody big job.

1955 BUIK 455

The Buik 455 was all class. BIG custom PWR core used again and tanked up and fabricated by Radaitors Plus. We used twin EL falcon fan pack. I also fitted the vehicle with an under dash Vintage Air system, new air cond. Pump and alloy tube for the refrigerant which in these photos was yet to be fully hooked up. Worked a treat. One People’s Choice at the Devonport car show a month or so later



This is a friend of mine Colin Simmons famous EK 350 Chev ute, an absolute work in progress. It is constantly being modified. Radiators Plus built the big custom radiator and alloy fuel tank. PWR core used and nicely shaped top tank to suit. There is an alloy shroud and overflow bottle. Cools a treat.



HQ Monaro Coupe with a 350 Olds motor. Radiators Plus built a big custom X-flow radiator with two 13” Revcore sucker fans. This was one of my first custom jobs 5-6 years ago.



Radiators Plus was privileged to build the Radiator and Transmission oil cooler for this Australian show car classic. Extra thick Radiator around 67 thick, PWR core used with Adrad Transmission oil cooler that runs the length of the radiator with twin Spal pusher fans. Highly polished, it is a shame it is hidden under all that quality tin ware.



The AU Falcon has a fairly serious 302 but the fuel injection system protruding way up through the bonnet really belonged on a 32 roadster. Love it or hate it we set about fabricating a bonnet scoop so the law would leave him alone. Later painted to match the car.



The Cobra kit car was a big dollar no expense spared fun machine. Again we replaced the b/copper radiator and water to air cooler with PWR cores. All custom fabricated at Radiators Plus. We also enlarged the air intake.



This is another massive project I undertook for Darren Bott’s Custom Nissan Patrol flat tray.

He is running a Gen III 6.0 ltr V8 with tricked auto and no expense spared  custom suspension.

My job was to fabricate a radiator and mount it in the roll cage with custom ducting and fan set up.

Again used a PWR 2 row 55 thick core. Measurements around 800x450x55. We wanted to mount two of the biggest 16” spal fans side by side. This thing works bloody hard.

Cools brilliantly. Also fabricated all stainless 38mm pipes under cab to motor , overflow catch can and all shrouding around radiator.



Pics of another Mazda Capella with a quick turbo charged 13B rotary. All fabrication work performed by Radiators Plus. From radiator, intercooler, pipwork to oil catch can, radiator overflow bottle and cold air box on driver side. 16” spal fan mounted to radiator. Used quality PWR intercooler and radiator cores, I fabricated tanks and welded to suit.



After building all the cooling goodies, ie; Radiator, Intercooler and pipework, Oilcooler, Oil Catch Can, Radiators Plus was asked if we could mount the 9” diff, build a big fuel tank as the original would be lucky to hold 45 ltrs, a surge tank, which is mounted behind the diff and the exhaust.

These are a series of photos that I took whilst building a 4” exhaust to fit a turbo charged 600hp 13B rotary motor.

There are previous photos of Radiator, Intercooler and Intercooler custom pipework.

I had to cut a fair chunk out of the floor just behind the excellerator pedal so we could get the clearance between the driver side tyre and exhaust. It runs neatly along the driver side chassis rail and up and over the 9” diff. The exhaust had to narrow down to around 3.5” to fit through a section in the chassis that had already been put in. Originally it was going to be a 3” exhaust.

We had to fabricate a fuel tank and surge tank set up before and after the diff. Running out of room fast. Then we had to try and fit an Oil Cooler in front of the already big Intercooler . Vehicle needs to have a custom beaver panel fabricated  and possibly a small spoiler.

The 9” diff was mounted with around 2 degrees downwards, but springs will have to be beefed up. A four link rear end was considered but with the dollars mounting it will be run and modified to suit.