Custom Built Radiators

Radiators, Intercooler and Oil Cooler CORES Radiators Plus use are QUALITY AUSTRALIAN MADE products by PWR or Adrad. If you want Radiator individuality, you want to stand out from the crowd both in performance and wow factor then Radiators Plus radiators are for you. These are just some of the many custom alloy radiators I have hand built over the years. They range from various crossflow V8 Holden, big and small block Chev, Ford, Chrysler and Buik radiators. There are also two unique Land Rover radiator and PWR intercooler packages that I put together.


As you can see from the pics, High quality Spal or Revcore fans, “S” or straight blade, puller or pusher  are used with handmade alloy brackets. Our Fan brackets are unique in the way that the side band and fan brackets are one piece resulting in a very clutter free professional finish. Every Radiator is different. I could and do quite often make 3 radiators to say fit a WB Holden with a V8 Chev and although the radiator may be similar the customer may want a different top cover plate or may want to use an EL Falcon fan kit or twin Spal fans, or maybe we make an alloy shroud to suit.

Radiator fans are always switched on with the appropriate thermo fan switch that screws into the radiator for trouble free temperature control.

Radiators Plus will completely custom make a radiator to suit any application, single, twin or triple flow, whatever the customer requests. All top and bottom tanks made to any specifications. The top tank or sideband if a crossflow has to look like the manufacturer designed it to fit in the car. The Bizza  radiator in the photos is an example of where I had to replicate the exact size of the original (daggy) radiator. We used high efficiency big Spal fans for better flow and quality finish. The car is a big dollar rebuild and will be raced.

All radiators come with rubber mounts, whether to suit locating pins in the bottom of the radiator or bolt through mounts at the top.


If you want high quality tried and proven results with your vehicles cooling system, whether it be a full on resto project, a bad ass streetmachine or you daily driver RADIATORS PLUS is the answer.