Auto Electrical

Fully qualified Auto Electrician for technical support.
Radiators Plus have been specialising in Auto Air Conditioning for the past 6 years.

With the help of Shane our fully qualified Auto Elec. with 40 years experience we now have the complete package. From electrical fault finding to de-gassing and re-gassing the air cond. system.


We can remove and replace underdash evaporators, servicing or replacing compressors and condensers. We replace receiver Dryers or accumulators and orifice tubes as part of the re-gassing service. Filters also replaced

Damaged Hoses
Burst or damaged hoses, both aluminum/steel, or rubber are a common problem.

Radiators Plus have a fully kitted out workshop that can replace any burst hose using the correct replacement fittings.

We regularly replace damaged or worn air conditioning hoses including TIG welding all alloy fittings. All systems are fully tested with Nitrogen before re-gassing.

Retrofitting Old Systems and Custom Air Condition Systems
Pre 1991-92 vehicles using the old CFC R12 can safely be removed and replaced with the new R134A refrigerant. Old Compressors serviced, new dryers fitted and up to date condenses and TX valves fitted where necessary. This is called Retrofitting.

Radiators Plus are also proud to announce that we specialise in fitting the world famous “Vintage Air”200 mile an hour air conditioning systems to old style vehicles from Rods and old trucks to street machines.

Frequently Asked Question with Air Conditioning

How much to re-gas my Air conditioning system?
This depends a lot on the make and model of the vehicle.The basic price is between $135.00 and $185.00.

My air conditioning is not cold anymore!
Could be a range of things from having no refrigerant in the system to an electrical fault.You need to talk with Radiators Plus and have it booked in for a service

Why is my air conditioning not working anymore?
Radiators Plus will first run the vehicle and test to see whether the clutch on the compressor engages.If it doesn’t then we will test to see if there is refrigerant in the system. If no refrigerant in system or very little we then nitrogen test to see if we can see or here leakage.If there is ample refrigerant in system then there is an electrical fault of some description. That will need further testing.

Cars motor has had work done to it or was involved in and accident and needs re-gassing?
No problem, System is fully nitrogen tested for leakage. New dryer, or accumulator (filter) fitted and then the re-gassing can commence.

Cracked or damaged aluminum lines or rubber hoses?
Radiators Plus can replicate any rubber hose and TIG weld in fittings to suit including running full alloy lines

My car is quite old (pre 1991) and my air cond. system hasn’t worked for years?
Your car needs to be “Retrofitted” with the new Refrigerant. This is quite involved and can be quite expensive.Air condioning pumps may sometimes need to be replaced, if not the correct oil must be used that is compatible with R134A refrigerant.Rubber lines need to be fully tested and all orings that you can get to need to be replaced.Late model condensers are more suited to the new R134A refrigerant, TX valves and High pressure switches may need changing.

Cabin filters?
These can be one of the most overlooked items in the air conditioning system. Radiators Plus check and replace cabin filters, after all you go to great lengths to get your air conditioning system to work efficiently and then you go and breath dirty air.

Do I really need to put a new filter (receiver/dryer) on my vehicle?
Yes, for starters it is against regulations not to replace the receiver/dryer filter. It should be changed at every service.Secondly you wouldn’t change your engine oil without changing the oil filter.

How often should I run my air conditioning?
You should run the air conditioning system at least for a few minutes once a week to keep seals and orings from drying out.Run in the winter months on the hot setting to regularly demist windows etc.