Radiators Plus is an Australian owned business which opened in January of 2006.  The business is owned and operated by Andrew and Loreta Hadrill and is located at 6 Shamrock Street in Launceston, Tasmania. Prior to opening Radiators Plus Andrew managed K&J Thermal Products (Tasmania) for fourteen years.  It was during this time that Andrew developed a keen interest in the custom fabrication and performance side of automotive cooling systems for specialty vehicles.  Due to this experience combined with his lifelong passion for building and customizing cars it seemed only a natural progression for Andrew to develop his own range of product, custom made to the client’s specifications, using intelligently designed aluminum, light and strong as the material of choice. We proudly use quality Australian made cores in the construction of all custom made to measure radiators, intercoolers and oil coolers.

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Personal touch

Quality custom designed cooling systems along with friendly and helpful staff is what sets Radiators Plus apart from the everyday ordinary radiator shop. 

    • New Complete Radiators – Recores – Repairs
    • Light & Heavy Duty Radiators
    • Aluminium Plastic Tank Radiators
    • Heater Cores Supplied – Fitted
    • Fuel Tank Repairs
    • Custom Aluminium Radiators,
    • Intercoolers & Oil Coolers
    • Straightening & Repairing
    • Motorcycle Radiators
    • Tig Welding & Fabrication
    • Huge range of Silicon Hose
    • Air-conditioning service
    • Red / White Wall Tyres
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Why use us?

Whatever the radiators construction or condition,  we have the technology to test, repair, replace or recondition not only car radiators but also plant, commercial and agricultural units (including copper, brass, plastic and aluminium). Radiators Plus  also offers a Redwall Tyre service and an automotive air-conditioning service and are proud to be an agent of Vintage Air products.



Video 1
This television commercial we had made in 2010 for a local marketing campaign. In this series we wanted to push to brand name and focus strongly on radiator repair and recores

Video 2

For this particular television commercial we had a photographer come in a take some shots of us in action working on customer cars. Also we wanted to let people know about the vintage air products we store

Video 3

This slideshow was designed for us to use at car show days and events. It showcases quite a bit of the work with have done for customers cars over the years.

Video 4

PWR Performance Video showcasing the brilliant design and application of their designs in NASCAR. We are happy to stock and use PWR Performance Products